Good Evening, Chairman and Commissioners,

I represent Citizens for Old Natchez Trace and we resolve this New Year to continue our efforts to protect and preserve the recently recognized Natchez Trace Historic rural landscape as one of the Top Ten most endangered historic properties in Tennessee.  

We also want to remember fondly our former Commissioner Ernie Williams who died suddenly last month.  Many of us will never forget his heartfelt eloquent plea to the county highway commission on behalf of the Old Natchez Trace.  He and his wife, Nancy, truly loved the Old Natchez and were strong advocates for its protection and preservation.

Citizens will continue our advocacy and education along our community’s roadsides with our efforts to push back the density in the Stephens Valley super-sized subdivision.  

We will continue to be the squeaky wheel regarding the removal of the proposed turn lane from Sneed onto the Old Natchez Trace.  We do not want to wait until more houses are built….we respectfully request that this turn lane be taken off the table now….permanently.  It needs to be taken out of play as it should never have been allowed to breach the integrity of the ONT.

We also support the county commission’s adoption of the state enabling legislation which will allow preservation and protection tools to be utilized in the endangered Natchez Trace rural landscape area.  We are moving forward with this initiative and will be bringing it to you soon.

Finally we support Resolution 1-17-23 by Commissioner Kaestner to amend the Tennessee Code Annotated to allow a county commission vote regarding the approval of any annexation that would be outside the Urban Growth Boundary of a city.   The Two Farms land grab will force county taxpayers to build infrastructure and schools in an area for years to come that is now some of the most scenic intact rural landscape in our county.  This resolution if adopted by the state will help counties protect their rural landscape and their taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

Thank you for your time….. 


Good Evening Laura,

 On behalf of the Tennessee Preservation Trust, it is with great pleasure I inform you the Old Historic Natchez Trace Rural Landscape, located in Williamson County, Tennessee, is listed on the 2016 Ten in Tennessee Endangered List!

The Tennessee Preservation Trust cordially invites you and your representatives to their annual Ten in Tennessee event on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 6pm at the Historic Franklin Masonic Hall in Franklin, Tennessee. Placed on the 2015 Ten in Tennessee, the Historic Franklin Masonic Hall (c 1823-1826) received noted attention and advocacy that is moving the beginning phase of the restoration work on the building. It is our belief, placement on the endangered list actively demonstrated the call to action to preserve the Hall. With the Old Historic Natchez Trace Rural Landscape on this year’s Ten in Tennessee, we affirm this will encourage community advocacy, action and preservation of such an important Tennessee landmark.

At your earliest convenience, please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to 615.584.4523. As our guests, we will be serving a selection of hors d’oeuvres and beverages for our guests. As an added component of the event, we will offer complimentary tours of the Hall.

The Historic Franklin Masonic Hall is located at 115 2nd Ave South, Franklin, Tennessee, 37064. Free parking is available on the street and the 2nd Ave South parking garage directly across from the Hall. We hope to see you attend this special event. 


Preserving Together, 

Rachael Finch


Tennessee Preservation Trust


Good Evening Chairman and Commissioners,


I am before you, yet again, to advocate for the removal of the proposed turn lane onto the Old Natchez Trace from Sneed Road.  The county highway commission recently approved widenings on Sneed which are being required due to the Rochford super-sized Stephens Valley subdivision. 

The turn lane onto the Old Natchez Trace is part of the road improvements package to deal with the storm surge of traffic Stephens Valley will be creating.

I can only hope that there is truth to the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  This proposed turn lane should never have been put on the Sneed Road improvements list.

The Old Natchez Trace was built by order of President Thomas Jefferson.  Its unique history should afford it some type of protection from this breach to its integrity.  Williamson County should protect and preserve its valuable historic assets.  The ONT should not fall victim to mega density development.

And yet again, I am requesting that Citizens Comments be adopted as an agenda item on the monthly county planning commission’s agenda.  The county highway commission is also an appointed board and it allows citizens to speak for a few minutes at the beginning of their meetings.  

What the planning commission does affects the daily lives of people who live in our county….and the growth they approve….much of which does not pay for itself….has caused an increase to our property taxes.  We, the citizens, should be allowed the opportunity to address them, face to face, for a couple of minutes, each month.  This type of communication of mutually beneficial.  

Government officials should encourage citizen participation in county affairs.  One way to measure the health of a democracy is to measure the level of citizen participation.  


Thank you….


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