Citizens Comments at County Commision Meeting 2018-01-08

Good Evening Chairman and Commissioners,


I represent Citizens for Old Natchez Trace and we have been receiving complaints about extremely heavy trucks frequenting this scenic, historic road.  We have in the past raised the question of weight limits for the ONT since its improvement with a sensitive template in 2014.  These very heavy vehicles add overwhelming stress to the new road bed and we would appreciate the Highway Department taking a look at weight limits for the ONT to protect and preserve it.  Weight limits will add more years to its life and enhance the experience and safety of travelers on foot, on bike and in vehicles as they travel the Trace.


It is said that repetition is the key to learning.  So I will say it again, residential growth does not pay for itself….taxpayers pay for it.  We recently had a property tax increase and are now being asked to vote for a sales tax increase to fund growth.  If growth is so good for us….why are our taxes rising? 


The Homebuilders Association of Middle Tennessee has taken Williamson County to court in their efforts to refuse to pay the educational impact fee passed by this county commission to fund school costs.  It is the predatory residential developers who are reaping huge profits due to our excellent school system and yet they refuse to contribute to the funding of schools that county taxpayers must build for the people buying their houses.  


This uncontrolled growth, which is the code of a cancer cell, is endangering what is left of our historic, scenic landscapes and rural roads.  I implore you, as elected officials, to adopt preservation and protection tools which are currently available to curtail this runaway growth train from completely consuming the intrinsic scenic, historic and culturally significant resources that are unique to Williamson County.  I hope you will consider this suggestion as a New Year’s resolution that you will actually resolve to do.



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