Citizen Comments at County Commission meeting 11-13-2017

Good Evening Chairman and Commissioners,

I have some good news for one of our county’s scenic historic roads and 

then I would like to opine on the bad news for our county’s treasured 

rural roads.


This week and early next week the Old Town Historic Daffodil Project 

with be planting 7000 historic daffodil bulbs along the frontage of Old 

Town on both sides of the Old Natchez Trace.  The American Daffodil 

Society has been very supportive of this project and some of its 

members from numerous states have contributed bulbs to it.  


There is an article in the September Daffodil Journal regarding this 

project and the National Convention of the American Daffodil Society 

will be held April 5-8 at the Franklin Marriott in Cool Springs.  While the 

best of the blooming may be done by then, daffodil connoisseurs will 

enjoy seeing the green foliage as they travel along Williamson County’s 

beloved Old Natchez Trace.


Tonight you are being asked to accept the county’s Comprehensive 

Traffic Study and endorse its funding recommendations since there is 

no dedicated source of revenue in the county to fund the magnitude of 

roadway improvements that are said to be needed in this report. 


These recommendations are:  a 9 cent property tax increase.  A 90 

dollar per dwelling county wide Transportation Utility Fee.  An 

unincorporated property tax increase of 16 cents combined with a one-

time road impact fee of 3300 dollars for each new dwelling…..and an 

Unincorporated County Transportation Utility Fee of 745 dollars on an 

annual basis.  This last funding recommendation would require a 

change in state law as it is NOT currently legal.



AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN while developers reap the profits.  We 

are losing our valuable treasured scenic historic resources and quality 

of life for quantity of growth.  If residential growth paid for itself we 

should be receiving reductions in property and sales taxes.  


I urge you to start downzoning in the unincorporated county not upping 

citizens’ taxes and fees. Enough is enough.


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