SV Request for Storm Water Variance June 2017

Good Morning,


Stephens Valley is a controversial mega density residential subdivision being built

on the endangered Natchez Trace Historic Rural Landscape as recognized by the

Tennessee Preservation in 2016. 


There has been and will continue to be persistent community push back to this

subdivision.  Before you is a request for a storm water variance.  This request

varies from the existing state storm water regulations of a ratio of 2:1 for

drainage area to amount of pervious pavement and Metro’s 1:1 ratio and

requests a 7:1 ratio. 


SV wants to use pervious pavers in its alley ways.  I do not believe there has been

a long term proven record of performance in our county with a high density

residential subdivision regarding these pavers.  There are concerns they can clog

easily and require high maintenance to achieve the water quality standards. 


There are concerns post construction that total suspended solids like dirt from

lawns and fertilizers will allow sediment into streams affecting water quality.


Ultimately, the Homeowners Association will be responsible for the proper

functioning of these pavers. 


And if they fail…it will be the taxpayers, yet again, paying to fix problems

developers create and walk away from while pocketing profits. 


Community groups Citizens for Old Natchez Trace and Save Stephens Valley are


respectfully requesting that this variance be denied.

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