ONT Proposed Turn Lane June 2017

Good Evening Chairman and Commissioners,


I represent Citizens for Old Natchez Trace.  I am here tonight to request

that the planned turn lane from Sneed Road onto the Old Natchez

Trace be removed from the road improvements list that is required for

the mega density Stephens Valley subdivision being built on the

Natchez Trace Historic Rural Landscape.

Our community is overwhelming pleased with the Williamson County

School Board, who listened to citizens’ concerns, and made the decision

to zone the students who aren’t even here yet to Fairview schools.  This

will take a significant amount of traffic pressure off of Sneed Road thus

reducing the traffic on the Old Natchez Trace.

The Trace, built by United States soldiers in 1801, by order of President

Thomas Jefferson should be spared this turn lane which would

adversely affect its integrity. 

This road is not only a county treasure but a state and national one as

well.  Residential growth does not pay for itself, we the taxpayers, pay

for it….at the very least we can do our best to not harm history so that

future generations will be able to appreciate and learn from it.


Thank you,

Search Citizens