Stephens Valley School Zoning May 2017

Good Evening, Chairman and Commissioners,


I realize you have some serious school funding issues before you which

are the result of the extremely huge amount of growth continually

being approved  in our county.  I think it is important to note that the 6

cities in the county are responsible for pulling 85% of the building

permits….the rest are in the county.


Of concern to those of us in the Grassland area is the approval of the

mega density Stephens Valley subdivision which currently has

Grassland school zoning however there are no students in the

subdivision yet.  Some county schools are under capacity and some are

overflowing.  At times it is fiscally responsible to use zoning to utilize

under capacity schools.  I submit that Stephens Valley students should

be zoned to Fairview schools which are right down Highway 100 from

this controversial subdivision.


If this is done now then no students will have to be rezoned and the

traffic on scenic, historic county roads….Sneed and Old Natchez Trace

will be reduced.



I love and support Williamson County Schools. My three children went

through the Grassland schools and graduated from Franklin High School

and I hope my granddaughters will follow in their footsteps.  However,

less than 50% of the households in the county have a child in school. 


I hope people in our county can understand the dilemma of people who

have lived here for decades and are now on fixed incomes and facing

yet again another property tax increase.  Growth simply does not pay

for itself.  Taxpayers pay for it. 


We must slow the out of control growth train down before our

beautiful county becomes a train wreck and we are left paying ever

increasing taxes while watching….in stand still traffic….. mega

residential density destroy our unique, valuable historic and scenic




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