Old Town Historic Daffodil Project Feb 2017

Good Evening Chairman and Commissioners,


I bring you good news this evening.  Mayor Anderson and the Highway

Department are aware of the Old Town Historic Daffodil Project which

has begun on the Old Natchez Trace. 

Last Friday, we planted over 1200 historic daffodil transplants from

Natchez Mississippi on our end of the Old Natchez Trace.  This fall more

historic daffodil bulbs…these are bulbs formally registered with the

Royal Horticultural Society or known in gardens prior to 1940……will be

planted along the frontage of Old Town on both sides of the Old

Natchez Trace. 

These bright harbingers of spring are now starting to bloom along the

Trace and they are a joy to behold.  I can only imagine how spectacular

the Spring of 2018 will be.

We will continue to do all we can to protect, preserve and enhance the Old Natchez Trace.  I would like to share Sen. Bill Frist letter to the

Mayor of Natchez Mississippi with you…… Mayor Anderson also wrote a


thank you letter to Mayor Grennell.

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