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Citizens for Old Natchez Trace is a 501(c)(3) organized for the purpose of the preservation, maintenance, and beautification of the Old Natchez Trace, a historic road in Williamson County, Tennessee, which is part of the Natchez Trace, including the current and past locations of the roadway and structures thereon, including bridges, markers, monuments, walls, fences or any items of historical significance or beauty, and any natural features on or surrounding the roadway which contribute to its character and beauty, including trees, plants, streams, rivers, and conveyances.  The corporation may engage in any other lawful endeavor or activity in furtherance of any the foregoing purposes. We are grateful for donations which may be mailed to: 

Citizens for ONT, 1007 Montpier Drive, Franklin, TN 37069



Citizens for Old Natchez Trace has been notified that our nomination of the Historic Natchez Trace Rural Landscape to the TEN in TENN Most Endangered Properties List has made the List for 2016.

The Tennessee Preservation Trust will make the formal announcement of the Ten in TENN List on October 26 at 6PM at the Franklin Masonic Lodge, 115 2nd Ave. S, Franklin, TN  37064.

Making this list, while it may seem a dubious honor, is an extremely effective preservation tool which we will utilize to continue to advocate for protection of the Old Natchez Trace and the surrounding Natchez Trace rural landscape. Please join us for this event.


The Tennessee Preservation Trust’s Ten in Tennessee Endangered Properties List Program is TPT’s strongest advocacy tool for the state’s most endangered historic sites. Each year, TPT seeks nominations for the “Ten in Tenn” from the public from each of Tennessee’s nine Development Districts.

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